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Clinical Rounds in Endocrinology

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Clinical Rounds in Endocrinology
Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh is one of the premier medical and research institutes in India. This tertiary healthcare center, right from its days of inception, has always been at the forefront in the fi eld of medical science. Endocrinology, as a super speciality department, was established way back in 1964 for the fi rst time in India at PGIMER, Chandigarh.

This department has a long-standing tradition of academic rounds, with detailed discussions pertaining to every aspect of patient care, right from symptom analysis, demonstration and interpretation of signs, formulation of differential diagnosis, judicious use, and analysis of investigations and management strategies. This legacy of clinical rounds was inherited from my great teacher, Professor R.J. Dash, who had enormous knowledge of the subject with a great ability of critical analysis.
Several thought-provoking questions are spontaneously generated during these interactive sessions with inputs and suggestions by residents and views and counterviews by faculty members. This continuous process of exchange of knowledge helps in providing the best possible medical care to our patients. Therefore, we had a thought to compile this information in the text that will facilitate dissemination of the knowledge to physicians and endocrinologists. Further, I had a long-cherished dream to write a book in endocrinology with precise information, comprehensive knowledge, and critical analysis of the facts.


1. Acromegaly: Clinical Perspectives
1.2 Stepwise Analysis
1.3 Clinical Rounds
Suggested Reading.

2. Acromegaly: Diagnosis and Treatment
2.1 Clinical Rounds.
Suggested Reading.

3. Hyperprolactinemia.
3.1 Case Vignette
3.2 Stepwise Analysis
3.3 Clinical Rounds.
Suggested Reading.

4. Cushing’s Syndrome: Clinical Perspectives
4.1 Case Vignette
4.2 Stepwise Analysis
4.3 Clinical Rounds.
Suggested Reading.

5. Cushing’s Syndrome: Diagnosis and Treatment.
5.1 Clinical Rounds.
Suggested Reading.

6. Disorders of Androgen Excess
6.1 Case Vignette
6.2 Stepwise Analysis
6.3 Clinical Rounds.
Suggested Reading.

7. Pheochromocytoma and Paraganglioma
7.1 Case Vignette
7.2 Stepwise Analysis
7.3 Clinical Rounds.
Suggested Reading

8. Disorders of Mineralocorticoid Excess
8.1 Case Vignette
8.2 Stepwise Analysis
8.3 Clinical Rounds.
Suggested Reading.

9. Hypothyroidism
9.1 Case Vignette
9.2 Stepwise Analysis
9.3 Clinical Rounds.
Suggested Reading.

10. Thyrotoxicosis.
10.1 Case Vignette
10.2 Stepwise Analysis
10.3 Clinical Rounds.
Suggested Reading.

11. Extra-thyroidal Manifestations of Autoimmune Thyroid Disease
11.1 Case Vignette
11.2 Stepwise Analysis
11.3 Clinical Rounds.
Suggested Reading.

12. Thyroid Disorders During Pregnancy
12.1 Case Vignette
12.2 Stepwise Analysis
12.3 Clinical Rounds.
Suggested Reading.

13. Disorders of Mineral Homeostasis
13.1 Case Vignette
13.2 Stepwise Analysis
13.3 Clinical Rounds.
Suggested Reading.

14. Hyperparathyroidism
14.1 Case Vignette
14.2 Stepwise Analysis
14.3 Clinical Rounds.
Suggested Reading.

15. Osteoporosis
15.1 Clinical Rounds.
Suggested Reading

16. Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
16.1 Clinical Rounds.
Suggested Reading.

17. Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
17.1 Clinical Rounds.
Suggested Reading.

18. Diabetes-Related Complications-I
18.1 Clinical Rounds.
Suggested Reading.

19. Diabetes-Related Complications II.
19.1 Clinical Rounds.
Suggested Reading.

20. Diabetes During Pregnancy.
20.1 Clinical Rounds.
Suggested Reading

Title: Clinical Rounds in Endocrinology
Volume I – Adult Endocrinology
Authors: Anil Bhansali, Yashpal Gogate
Language: English


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