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«Modern Concepts of Peripheral Nerve Repair»

Libros de Medicina en PDF «Modern Concepts of Peripheral Nerve Repair» We, the editors of this book, join active membership of the German interdisciplinary study group named “NervClub” and we recognized that a concise book (comprisal) on modern concepts of peripheral nerve repair is currently not available for international readers. Therefore, we edited this book with a focus on very common and frequently occurring traumatic peripheral nerve injuries, their diagnostic with decision-making, and their reconstruction and long-term post-surgery patient care. This book should provide a compendium for graduated medical doctors interested in neurosurgery, hand surgery, or traumatology and final-year medical

Metabolic Syndrome Pathophysiology The Role of Essential Fatty Acids

Libros de Medicina en PDF Metabolic Syndrome Pathophysiology The Role of Essential Fatty Acids The incidence of obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and coronary heart disease, which form the core components of the metabolic syndrome, is increasing at an alarming rate in almost all countries. The incidence of the metabolic syndrome is especially high in the Indian subcontinent. This increase in the incidenceof the metabolic syndrome has been attributed to lack of exercise, increase in the consumption of energy-dense food, and environmental changes. What is more disturbing is an enormous increase in the incidence of obesity in children,

Lo esencial en Metabolismo y Nutrición – Cursos Crash

Datos del Libro Lo esencial en Metabolismo y Nutrición – Cursos Crash En el curso Crash de Metabolismo y Nutrición se realiza un recorrido a través de los conceptos básicos y procesos de control de los procesos metabólicos y la nutrición. Trata la patología básica de los trastornos metabólicos y nutricionales, enfatizando aquellos con los que los estudiantes tendrán más problemas durante sus primeros años de rotación clínica La parte II es el puente entre la ciencia básica y la clínica, por lo que está dedicada a la valoración clínica del paciente atendiendo al formato de signos y síntomas, incluye

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Fisiología cardiovascular, renal y respiratoria – Erick Alexanderson Rosas
Biología Campbell 7a edición – Neil A. Campbell, Jane B. Reece