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Brain Injury: Applications from War and Terrorism – Alisa D. Gean

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Brain Injury. Applications from War and Terrorism
Brain Injury: Applications from War and Terrorism is a single­authored book written by a world­class neuroradiologist with extensive experience in traumatic brain injury (TBI). It features six graphic­intense chapters depicting and expounding upon the complexity of TBI. Culled from nearly three decades of studying civilian TBI and five years of intensive study of TBI sustained from combat, terrorism, and natural disasters, this work is an exhaustive and innovative authority on the current approaches and applications of civilian and combat TBI. The text is sectored into six chapters based on pathophysiology, each augmented with numerous images and illustrations. The book gives special attention to neuroimaging, but is reinforced with relevant clinical correlation.

This monograph is unique because it is first in class as an omnibus for the radiologist, neurologist, neurosurgeon,
maxillofacial surgeon, emergency physician, pediatrician, ophthalmologist, and the rehabilitation team.
Accompanied by detailed high resolution illustrations with meticulous annotation, Brain Injury: Applications from War and Terrorism contains over 500 curated radiological and clinical images that enhance the concepts detailed in each chapter. Complete with up­to­date references, it is a state of the art resource guide for any member of the team of professionals caring for those who have sustained a traumatic brain injury.
1 Introduction
2 In Comparison to Prior Wars, More Troops Are Surviving
3 Blast Injury Basics
4 The Weapons of War and Terrorism
5 How Does Combat TBI Differ from Civilian TBI? 12 Lessons
6 Transferring Lessons to the Home Front

Autor: Alisa D. Gean
Editorial: L.WW.
Edición: 1ª
Año: 2014
Páginas: 357
ISBN 978­1­4511­9282­7
Idioma: Inglés

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