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AOSpine Masters Series

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AOSpine Masters Series
Spine care is advancing at a rapid pace. The challenge for today’s spine care professional is to quickly synthesize the best available evidence and expert opinion in the management
of spine pathologies. The AOSpine Masters Series provides just that—each volume in the
series delivers pathology-focused expert opinion on procedures, diagnosis, clinical wisdom,
and pitfalls, and highlights today’s top research papers. To bring the value of its masters level educational courses and academic congresses to a wider audience, AOSpine has assembled internationally recognized spine pathology leaders to develop volumes in this Masters Series as a vehicle for sharing their experiences and expertise and providing links to the literature.
Each volume focuses on a current compelling and sometimes controversial topic in spine care. The unique and efficient format of the Masters Series volumes quickly focuses the attention of the reader on the core information critical to understanding the topic, while encouraging the reader to look further into the recommended literature. Through this approach, AOSpine is advancing spine care worldwide.


1. Economic Issues, Risk Factors, and Litigation:
Marco Brayda-Bruno
2. Decision Making and Flag Systems:
Gustavo Zanoli
3. The Supremacy of the Clinical Evaluation:
Roberto Chapa Sosa and Neil N. Patel
4. Imaging in Back Pain:
Alberto Zerbi
5. Myth and Reality of Sacroiliac Joint Pathology:
Kristen E. Jones and David W. Polly, Jr.
6. Biology, Mechanics, and Genetics of the Disk: State of the Art:
Mauro Alini, Sibylle Grad, Hans-Joachim Wilke, Fabio Galbusera, Alessandra Colombini
7. Neurologic Back Pain: Myopathies, Neuromuscular Disease, Parkinson, and Dystonia:
Asdrubal Falavigna and Carlo Domênico Marrone
8. Back Pain in Children and Adolescents:
Katherine M. Schroeder, Erica E. Gonzalez, and John P. Dormans
9. Back Pain in Adults:
Max Aebi
10. Back Pain in Spinal Infections:
Rishi Mugesh Kanna, Ajoy Prasad Shetty, Emiliano Vialle, and Shanmuganathan Rajasekaran
11. Conservative Treatment: Drugs, Physiotherapy, and Alternative Medicine:
Christopher C. Ornelas and Mona Zall
12. Outcome Evaluation in Back Pain Patients:
Martin H. Pham, Andre M. Jakoi, Neil N. Patel, and Jeffrey C. Wang
13. Role of Minimally Invasive Surgery in Back Pain for Degenerative Spine:
Roberto Bassani and Elena Serchi
14. Back Pain and Sagittal Alignment:
Pedro Berjano
15. Patients with Multiple Surgeries:
Claudio Lamartina and Carlotta Martini
16. Chronic Back Pain, Failed Surgery, and What to Do When All Options Are Exhausted:
Lawrence G. Lenke

Title: AOSpine Masters Series
Author: Luiz Roberto Vialle, Jeffrey C. Wang, Claudio Lamartina
Language: English


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