Anaesthesia at a Glance – Julian Stone, William Fawcett

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Anaesthesia at a Glance
Anaesthesia is often intimidating for students. Within the relatively short time allocated to this disciplines on most undergraduate curricula, there seems to be a bewildering array of unfamiliar drugs, equipment and practical procedures. Yet at the very heart of anaesthesia is the modern concept of perioperative medicine. The fundamentals of anaesthesia, such as assessment and management of the airway, respiration, circulation and analgesia, are applicable to all hospital staff involved in the care of the surgical patient.
Both authors are practising clinical anaesthetists and also actively involved in undergraduate teaching.

Moreover, as anaesthetists are the largest single group of doctors within hospital medicine it seems appropriate that a contemporary undergraduate textbook is available as an introduction to the specialty.
The aim of the authors has been to cover the practice of anaesthesia to a level appropriate for a medical student who is about to embark on the Foundation Programme. Certain specialized subjects that are traditionally taught, such as physics, have therefore been omitted.
Each chapter has a self assessment section of both multiple choice questions and case studies. The answers are not exhaustive, but should encourage further reading on the subject.
Whilst this book is aimed primarily at undergraduate medical students, it may also prove of value to Foundation Doctors looking after patients in the perioperative period, doctors embarking on a career in anaesthesia and theatre staff such as Operating Department Practitioners.


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1. History of anaesthesia
2. Monitoring
3. Equipment
4. Airway devices
5. Fluid management
6. Preoperative preparation of the patient for surgery
7. Temperature regulation
8. The perioperative patient journey
9. General anaesthesia – inhalational anaesthetics
10. General anaesthesia – intravenous anaesthetics
11. Local anaesthetics
12. Neuromuscular blocking drugs
13. Acute pain
14. Postoperative nausea and vomiting
15. Chronic pain
16. The airway
17. Emergency anaesthesia
18. Obstetric anaesthesia
19. Ophthalmic anaesthesia
20. Paediatric anaesthesia
21. Cardiac and thoracic anaesthesia
22. Regional anaesthesia
23. Anaesthetic emergencies in the operating theatre
24. Anaesthetic emergencies in the wider hospital
25. Trauma
26. Orthopaedic anaesthesia
27. Anaesthesia and obesity
28. Anaesthesia and old age
29. Anaesthesia and diabetes
30. Anaesthesia for vascular surgery
31. Anaesthesia for ENT and maxillofacial surgery
32. Awareness
33. Anaesthesia for ECT, dental surgery and special needs
34. Postoperative management
35. Anaesthesia away from the hospital setting

Title: Anaesthesia at a Glance
Authors: Julian Stone, William Fawcett
Language: English


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