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Addiction at Work Tackling Drug Use and Misuse in the Workplace

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Addiction at Work Tackling Drug Use and Misuse in the Workplace
Drug abuse and a whole range of associated problems have increased dramatically over the last 30 years and, as a significant number of drug abusers are in employment, the workplace has not escaped the consequences of these increases. However, until now, it has not been possible to access an authoritative source of information on these issues because a comprehensive text has not been available. This book attempts to fill that gap, bringing together the best contemporary thinking on all aspects of the field.
It has three parts, the first of which puts the subject of misuse into context, explaining for example that this problem includes the use of socially acceptable drugs, such as alcohol, as well as illicit substances, and identifying the risks and side effects of legitimately prescribed psychoactive substances.
Clear definitions are provided of commonly used terms and the extent and nature of substance abuse is explored, both generally and in the workplace. The effects of different drugs are described including their potential impact on attendance at work, performance, accident rates and so on. Conversely, the ways in which different organisational cultures encourage, discourage or conceal substance misuse are also examined.


Part I – Understanding the Problem
Part II – Establishing a Drug Policy
Part III – Tools for Managing the Problem

Title: Addiction at Work Tackling Drug Use and Misuse in the Workplace
Author: Hamid Ghodse
Language: English


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