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Acute Side Effects of Radiation Therapy

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Acute Side Effects of Radiation Therapy
Dichotomies in medicine are common, but it is nowhere more clearly demonstrated than in radiation exposure either used in diagnoses or in treatment as compared to excessive or unwanted radiation exposure either locally or systematically. Other
dichotomies demonstrated in radiation injury include the separation between acute
and late radiation damage, locally applied as contrasted to systemic or total body
exposure, one or few radiation exposures vs. fractionated radiation exposures, and
use of preventive or ameliorating agents applied before exposure in contrast to postexposure treatments. All of these are important to our understanding of the effective, appropriate use of radiation as a treatment modality. This can only be ameliorated by accurate information about the causes, frequency, severity, and prevention or treatment of these radiation-associated conditions.
In the clinic, observed reactions to radiotherapy range from minor to serious and from temporary to permanent. Physician concern for these potential debilitating effects permeates the clinical practice of radiation and influences the selection of treatments on a day-to-day basis. Optimal utilization of radiation as a cancer therapy requires a clear understanding of the range of the major tissue sequela that can occur, including the risk of occurrence, natural history, and their management.


1. Radiation Dermatitis
2. Hair Loss
3. Radiation Brain Injury
4. Radiation Orbital Toxicity
5. Ear Toxicity
6. Oral Mucositis
7. Xerostomia
8. Loss of Taste
9. Laryngeal Edema
10. Radiation Pneumonitis
11. Pericarditis
12. Esophagitis
13. Radiation Gastritis
14. Radiation-Induced Liver Disease
15. Enteritis .
16. Radiation Cystitis
17. Radiation Proctitis
18. Fatigue
19. Hematological Side Effects
20. Radiation-Induced Nausea and Vomiting

Title: Acute Side Effects of Radiation Therapy
Author: Ainaz Sourati, Ahmad Ameri, Mona Malekzadeh
Language: English


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