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12 ­Lead ECG The Art of Interpretation 2nd Edition

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12­Lead ECG The Art of Interpretation 2nd Edition
This all­encompassing, four­color text, updated to the new Second Edition, is designed to make you a fully advanced interpreter of ECGs. Whether you are paramedic, nurse, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, medical student, or physician wanting to learn or brush up on your knowledge of electrocardiography, this book will meet your needs.
12­Lead ECG: The Art of Interpretation, Second Edition takes the complex subject of electrocardiography and presents it in a simple, innovative, 3­level approach. Level 1 provides basic information for those with minimal experience interpreting ECGs.

Level 2 provides intermediate information for those with a basic understanding of the principles of electrocardiography. Level 3 provides advanced information for those with some mastery of the subject. The entire text is written in a friendly, easy­to­read tone. Additionally, the text contains real­life, full­size ECG strips that are integrated throughout the text and analyzed in conjunction with the concepts they illustrate.


Part 1 The Basics

Chapter 1 Anatomy
Chapter 2 Electrophysiology
Chapter 3 Individual Vectors
Chapter 4 The Actual ECG: Paper and Ink
Chapter 5 ECG Tools
Chapter 6 The Basic Beat
Chapter 7 The Rate
Chapter 8 Rhythms

Part 2 ECG Interpretation

Chapter 9 The P Wave
Chapter 10 The PR Interval
Chapter 11 The QRS Complex
Chapter 12 The Electrical Axis
Chapter 13 Bundle Branch Blocks and Hemiblocks
Chapter 14 ST Segment and T Waves
Chapter 15 Acute Myocardial Infarction
Chapter 16 Electrolyte and Drug Effects
Chapter 17 Putting It All Together

Part 3 Test ECGs

Appendix Acronyms
Appendix Additional Readings
Appendix Glossary
Appendix ECG Index
Appendix Index

Autor: Tomas B. Garcia
Editorial: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Edición: 2ª
Año: 2015
Páginas: 680
ISBN­13: 978­0­7637­7351­9
ISBN­10: 0­7637­7351­4
Idioma: Inglés

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